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Westchester Black Bar Association, Inc

Greetings All,

Jerrice D. Epps, Esq
President WBBA
I feel deeply honored and privileged to serve as President of the Westchester County Black Bar Association. It is an Association steeped in a rich history of legal professionals committed to providing a service to the communities that have traditionally been underserved.

Recently the WBBA has made significant strides towards increasing our Continuing Legal Education programs. Specifically, my goal is for the WBBA to become an accredited continuing legal education provider. We wish to service our members in the private and public sectors by presenting continuing legal education programs that service the needs of both.

Beyond CLE's we want to explore the idea of incorporating professional/business development into our programming. The goal is to help each member personally develop their personal best and generate opportunities for all of our members.

We have reestablished our affiliations with local, state and national bar associations by assigning a WBBA volunteer to serve as a member of the board or as a liaison to our local, state and national associations such as the Westchester County Bar Association, the New York State Bar Association and the National Bar Association.

My vision for the WBBA moving forward is one of collaborative teamwork that increases our presence in the legal community and the community at large. I encourage a healthy discourse of ideas that will move our organization forward. In order to accomplish that goal I need to hear from you.

In closing I thank you for all of your ideas, lets now step back and decide as a team the priorities and structure for delivery. The WBBA has been a good bar association. However, we don't want good to become a blocker to Great!

My Best,
Jerrice D. Epps, Esq.
President, Westchester Black Bar Association

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